Friday, August 14, 2009

Marci Delight!

Look at this golden nugget of goodness. Plenty more of graceful colors at our store, this vibrant adventurous woman came in with a ziest for life and it shows in her work. Her aunt passed and gave her tons of valuable porcelain, that are expensive to buy today. She decided to make more than one use of these delicate one of kind dishes and transform these pieces into natural art. Put a little spice in your home, or in someones life by getting one of these babies. It doesn't matter if you're known as a plant killer, these plants sing for days. Even long time from now, if they ever past, you'll have a beautiful cup to drink from.

If one talent was all you thought she had, think again. This luminous capable Marci Hayden rocks little and big houses, made with bottle wine corks, from all local wineries if I might add. She gets the corks from her dinner parties. Also all the gals at her local community gym, donate corks to her too. Then she plays love match maker with the rocks, finding rocks that perfectly fit with eachother and transforms the two mediums into charming casas.

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