Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wooden Treasures.

Real silver. Dwellling and wonder about what happened to the wood with silver details is over. The moment is now, the moment is here. Quality unique wood for your home or kitchen is available and is being caressed by authentic silver. Each of the wooden pieces have their own different personalities. Some of the wood has a happy golden sheen while others are warm with intricate details. The darker wood seems to go with everything and has a beautiful yet humble prestigous quality. All of it is bought from Venezuela in fair trade. Looks so good, I'm sure your father would approve.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Keeping camera with me, so I can remember all the regulars.

I needed to share only one of the many reasons why I enjoy working here. Here are two regulars that come by our store. We love all our neighbors in this town.

Need a casual and unique beauty to have for those busy bee days?

This woman is ambitious. Her work is a gift and she is fierce with kindness. She has taken a creative avenue to dream up something that would warm anyone's heart and any woman could wear with pride. Once you wear one of these beauties you won't be able to take it off. After placing them in the store I am having a hard time resisting the red thread necklace with a precious sand dollar and dainty feather. It encourages my adventurous spirit. Come check them out!

Gold leaf painting... this pretty lady has skills.

She just might be the queen of intricate style. She places each detail carefully onto the canvas. She's an emerging artist, though one could never tell, so her prices are still affordable for such luxury. She blends gold leaf into her canvas and knows which colors merge in appealing harmony. She has tiles that she makes as well with lovely painted figures. She has a kind soul and is very passionate and humble about her work. She recently established a new space in her home to create more paintings and will be swinging by with her mentors and loved ones tomorrow. She is a vivacious woman with lively art.

Lace to charming base

I just spotted a trend. Chayo and Wild Woman Ceramics have produced their own style of ceramics by putting their grandmothers' hand stitched lace to good use. They press the intricate patterns into their work. Here are some precious pieces.

Do ceramic artists hear my thoughts? I think they do!

I was jiving away on the computer in this hidden treasure of a shop and I started thinking I need some really cool new ceramic artists in the store. In came a charming lady by the name of Chayo shyly asking if we were looking for any ceramic artists. I was so excited! She has come from Portland, I just love Portland. Then she showed me her baskets full of exceptional items. Here is one of the pieces.

"I love making things out of whatever intrigues me. In fact I can't stop my hands and brain from creating. I am excited about this site and enjoy the community of hand crafters. It is wonderful to be able to post what I have made,let others enjoy it and also sell. Everything I make is made with love and good intentions.
I have been a clay artist for 25 years. Love Love Love clay!"

Everyone loves Mandy!

Dynamite Metal Work!

This snazzy little lady has been accelerating in metal work. Even cuter, her boyfriend's grandpa is her mentor in creating her nifty pieces. Come tip toe or run to our store to see what she's doing!