Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Heart of Our Store.

It is an art. It is a true craft working with wood. There have been many visits to collect a quality collection of handcrafted wood. Several of the wooden pieces have a touch of silver. They can be both functional and an art form. They make beautiful presents and they're bought in fair trade, directly from the local people of Venezuela.
Come feast your eyes upon the luxurious wood grain. We also have a new collection of wooden fruit coming soon!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Shooting bug...

This delightful woman has the shooting bug. She also helps little children learn to read as a fun side job. Under the currents of her spicy red shoes and stylish behavior is an eye for unique photography. I'm sure you've seen landscapes and people, but this lady collects maps n' special objects. She scouts pretty spots to assemble her collection and carries out a vision of her very own. Her ability to listen to others not only reflects her understanding personality, but her ability to have an eye for the good earth and place her creations.

Stack yo' mugs!

" I built a studio in an old dairy barn (thanks to Wayne Starke) in South Dakota and built a wood-fire kiln, firing with free scrap from the local sawmills. Paul had told me that wood was the best way for a potter to use solar energy."

Cloudwest, Jered Nelson is a good natured person and a tasteful quality artist. He has discovered the secret in finding time, to be in his element in his chilly studio at the moment, creating beautiful functional ceramic pieces, while running his own store of his work. He's in Berkeley. There's no one quite like him out there.

"I am using a clay of my own formulation, 73% local material, strong stoneware. I have been in national shows, won awards, been in some of the best art fairs in the country. I am very much a product of my surroundings and reflect what I see, feel, taste, touch, and hear into my work. I have taken great care in making my pots strong, functional, safe and as eco-friendly as I know how so that when you need a mug, some tile or a sculpture you can feel good about getting it here.
I am not a company or corporation, I am a potter following his passion and trying to make that passion a service to others."
I'm at lost for words, this man as taken the alternative route in life, in so many different ways and is very successful in doing so.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Put your hands on Lisa Neimeth's Table Memories!

It's not usual, that an artist will show their hiding spots, where they make things. She seems to know how to dish her talent in the most natural way. She's a collector, she imprints things she finds on the beach, or on any adventure she goes on. Then she imprints the objects onto the clay and then paints on top of the tableware afterwards. We're blessed, that this successful artist agreed to join us. Everyone closely examined her creations, because there's nothing that's quite like her work out there. There's something meaningful about each piece she makes.

Notebooks n' Wallets get togetha!

Aren't they just eye candy? This crafty girl handmakes these nifty wallets and notebooks with love. They're so eco-friendly, you can get one of these babies without feeling guilty. This bay area girl knows how to put color me pretty colors and quirky together! Made with love truly. Come by our shop and adore.

Why it's a new place in life.

I finally got inspired to make a blog so that people can see what's happening with the store. We just got a new beautiful children's artist, who put's her heart and soul into these precious children clothes. Her brand is Small Threads, she's from Concord and she supports her family with this crafty talent of hers. She machine stitches everything and then handstitches the outline of everything. She get's ideas from watching her kids play and gets to invent these new kids characters. How lovely!