Saturday, May 9, 2009

Do ceramic artists hear my thoughts? I think they do!

I was jiving away on the computer in this hidden treasure of a shop and I started thinking I need some really cool new ceramic artists in the store. In came a charming lady by the name of Chayo shyly asking if we were looking for any ceramic artists. I was so excited! She has come from Portland, I just love Portland. Then she showed me her baskets full of exceptional items. Here is one of the pieces.

"I love making things out of whatever intrigues me. In fact I can't stop my hands and brain from creating. I am excited about this site and enjoy the community of hand crafters. It is wonderful to be able to post what I have made,let others enjoy it and also sell. Everything I make is made with love and good intentions.
I have been a clay artist for 25 years. Love Love Love clay!"

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