Thursday, March 12, 2009

Unearthing Gentle Times...

This lady spontaneously dashed her beautiful pieces into our gallery. They're so lovely, especially in person. She has been in between blurred edges, fields, all the gifts nature gives us. She even paints on photographs. She has stepped outside of the boundaries and has created exquisite, astounding and perhaps even calming creations. Each piece has strong visual distinction. Come tip toe to our store, or even dash in to view this artist's pieces and stand in her world.

"Years spent exploring wild places and abandoned urban landscapes - and by minor scientific study. Principles of geology, botany, astronomy and physics inform both my content and process.
My process takes cues from the natural order. Multi-layered surfaces are built through dripping, pooling, brushing, marking, and sanding. Driven by exploration, chance and gravity, I find equilibrium between chaos and control.With veils of color, complex surfaces, mysterious light sources, and blurred edges, the work investigates change and the act of becoming."

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